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The path to better organisational culture


Better is something that all companies strive for. Better outcomes from better performance and a better organisational culture. But how do we get there?

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In this breakfast seminar, our experts will help you consider:

  • The building blocks for a better performing organisation: How can you craft a culture that optimises organisational wellbeing

  • How to craft a more effective 2020 employee benefits vision: Discover the importance of aligning your cultural strategy with your employee benefit strategy – and how regularly reviewing benefits could be the key to an effective, engaged workforce.

  • The benefit of bringing together technology, content and the power of line manager communications to facilitate high performing organisations.

Gallagher, The Walbrook Building, 25 Walbrook, London, EC4N 8AW

Tuesday 11th June, 8:00 Registration and Breakfast, 8:30 Start, 9:45 -10:15 Networking and Refreshments

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